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My name is Rich and thank you for choosing me as your Spiritual Advisor!I am professional. You may be nervous but don’t worry, I will make you feel comfortable and encourage you to be open to engaging in conversation. The focus will be solely on you and your needs and questions. MY READINGS ARE CONFIDENTIAL. I apply the upmost discretion with my clients.


Hours of Operation & Location

 I am located in North Charleston, SC. Exact location will be provided after booking. Please pay attention to the available hours because they are not the same each day. I service clients all over the world remotely and operate on Eastern Standard Time. Please select your time zone if necessary.



Payment is due upfront before starting the reading. DEPOSIT ARE NON REFUNDABLE. Full payment is due before the Reading starts. Apple Pay, Venmo, Zelle, Debit or Credit.



DEPOSITS ARE NON REFUNDABLE! If you cannot make it to your appointment, please notify me no later than 2 hours before your appointment so that your deposit can be credited toward your next service within 30 days of original cancellation. This does not apply to same day cancellations. Same day cancellations must be made within 1 hour of booking. No exceptions.


Refund Policy

Refunds will not be given after a full reading. If we can not make a connection during the reading then the difference from your deposit and full reading price will be refunded to you. Deposits are non refundable​


Late Policy

If you are beyond 10 minutes late, I will assume that you can not make it to your appointment, your appointment will be CANCELLED, deposits will be forfeited. NO EXCEPTIONS! Please be considerate of clients arriving after you. This policy will be strictly enforced.


Style of Reading

Readings are done remotely or in person. Exact location will be provided after booking. For group readings I will travel to your location.PLEASE NO PREGNANCY, MEDICAL, OR LEGAL QUESTIONS


I have a mixture of a spiritual/direct/compassionate style of reading. I use Tarot cards, Oracle cards, and my intuition.


Clairaudient: I have the ability to detect messages from the Spiritual realm that are beyond the normal hearing range.

Clairsentient: I have the ability to sense feelings around an environment and from within a person or group.

Empath: I am a highly sensitive intuitive who can sense the range of emotions from others.

You have to be open and receptive so that I can properly tune into your energy to gather details that will enlighten you.If I am not able to pick up on anything I will let you know and there will be no cost for your reading.

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